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Amazing teams with great products deserve raving fans

Yo! I'm Lazar - Product & Growth Marketer, working with early-stage startups. So far, I helped a dozen of outstanding teams acquire and delight their users.

Acquired over 90k users for SaaS and Marketplace companies backed by:

About me

Helping early-stage startupsgrow intelligently

I live and breathe growth marketing. Building growth frameworks, models and loops, helped me to acquire 90k+ users and turn them into raving fans.

I wholeheartedly believe that success is all about what we inspire others to do. That's why I love sharing everything about my processes, wins, and fails so you can avoid some of the ways that simply don't work.

Revenue generated
YoY Growth
Users acquired

Working for


Making end-to-end testing automation intuitive, fun and hassle-free.

Raised from:

Consulting early-stage startups

Accelerating fast-paced startups

In my free time, I'm consulting tech startups grow, as well as mentoring teams that are part of the 2nd biggest startup incubator in Serbia.

Sharing what I learn and do

Deep diving into my wins and fails

Helping people by openly sharing what I learn and do, through my blog, podcasts, and conferences.

Speedrunning growth

Hacks don't feel like cheat codes. Processes do.

After working with startups that raised over $18M to date, I had an opportunity to build things from scratch, fail miserably, acquire 5000 beta users on a barely-polished product, and put products in front of millions.

After 6 years, 90K+ users and countless shoe-string budgets, I created a system that helped me help startups do a speed run.


Laying out the growth foundations, setting up the growth stack, and aligning customer-facing teams towards one true metric.


Building growth processes from the ground up, driving experimentation culture, allowing you to plug and play battle-tested growth strategies.


Building growth loops across acquisition, monetization and retention, ensuring fast-paced experiments that allow us to iterate within days.

Helping startups elevate their users

Growth unlocks once you put your user on a path of becoming a superhero. Showing value early on, helping them easily navigate through their day-to-day tasks, and seeing how our product helps them become a better version of themselves.

So far, I helped these startups persuade users to "buy" a better version of themselves:

Demand Generation

User Onboarding

Product-Led Growth

User Acquisition

Trial-to-paid Conversion

Community Building

Content Syndication

Performance Marketing

Focusing on acquisition, activation, retention and monetization
to put the product at the centre of user's daily activities, giving users superpowers

What I truly believe in

Helping users

do rad shit.

Exceptional products truly help users level up and do miracles. Levelling users up is what brought thousands of raving fans to amazing teams I had a chance to work with.

Latest resources

Off the Hinge

Actionable, zero bs & fluff-free strategies you can implement within days.

Test article

Buckle up, you’ll get to know the ins and outs of my onboarding strategy that brought 40% activation rate, and 15% conversion rate.

Say hi!

I'm currently not available for additional projects, but I'd be more than happy to support you, and share with you all the wins and fails I had, so you don't have to face them.

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