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About me

Yo! I'm Lazar - Product & Growth Marketer, working with early-stage startups. So far, I helped a dozen of outstanding teams acquire and delight their users.

Acquired over 90k users for SaaS and Marketplace companies backed by:

Growth speedruns

After working with startups that raised over $18M to date, I had an opportunity to build things from scratch, fail miserably, acquire 5000 beta users on a barely-polished product, and put products in front of hundred thousands users.

After 6 years, 90K+ users and countless shoe-string budgets, I created a system that helped me help startups do a speed run.


First growth hire at a a DevTools startup, driving and building growth marketing from the ground up.


Opened 4 new countries, acquired over 8000 users and scaled growth + community team from 1 to 18


Acquired over 20.000 users in 11 months, $1.1M revenue within 4 months and launched a sub-product that became 3rd product of the week on Product Hunt


Scaled user acquisition from 900 to 7600 users per month, beta-launched a sub-product and acquired 5000 beta users with $260 budget

Freelance on Upwork

Worked on various projects as a Social Media Specialist, and leading a remote marketing team for a worldwide marketing agency.

What I actually do

Scaling early-stage startups

Being part of pre-seed, seed and Series A startups, I had a chance to grow from a one-man army, to building high-performing growth teams. This is what I do:

Personal values

Values I live & breathe by


Being consistent, transparent and real about my actions, and decisions. Always aiming towards one true north star.

Walk the talk

Not making empty promises. Instead, rolling up my sleeves and putting my boastful talks into meaningful actions.

Loops, not hacks

Building systems that generate consistent, actionable outputs that can help us reinvest in data-driven inputs.

Customer is always first

Building features and products people need to become a better version of themselves and do rad shit.

Growing 1% every day

Showing up every day, and learning by actually doing things that businesses and users need the most.

Operating systems


We have three projects with this template and that is because we love the design, the large number of possibilities.

Growth Experimentation
Content Distribution
User Onboarding

Say hi!

I'm currently not available for additional projects, but I'd be more than happy to support you, and share with you all the wins and fails I had, so you don't have to face them.

    You can have the best possible experience, even without the cookies. 🍪❌